Sunday, August 10, 2008


Judo is Japanese original sports and one of the sports for Olympic. The most famous Japanese female Judoka, Ryoko Tani got bronze medal yesterday. She have gotten two gold medals in past Olympics. Almost Japanese were touched her performances and like her fighting spirit. She is very small, , however super strong. We call her "Yawara-Chan". We write Judo in Chinese char actor as 柔道. Yawara 柔 is other reading of Judo.
We had expected she would get gold medal again this time. Because she said famous phrase at her interview after she gave birth to her son.
"I have gotten gold medal when my family name was Tamura (her maiden name) And I have gotten gold medal when my family name is "Tani". And I want to got gold medal after I have a son. "
She hasn't got gold medal and we were so disappointed, however, we are touched again. She is super strong heroine in Japan.
And we will cheer up other Japanese Judoka.  

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