Sunday, August 17, 2008

Teishoku 定食

When you go to Japanese food restaurant, you see “Teishoku” 定食 in the menu. Teishoku is main dish with rice and Miso soup. For example, Tempra Teishoku, Yaki zakana Teishoku (Grilled fish), Sashimi Tsishoku, Tonkatsu Teishoku, etc. Teishoku is good for nutrition. Also we are happy to eat various dishes one time. Teishoku is one of popular lunch munu for business persons. And the menu of Teishoku is sometimes changed by each day depending on a restaurant. We call it "Higawari Teishoku".
I want to introduce a Japanese restaurant,
Teishoku-ya. Ootoya 大戸屋 is one of chain restaurants. There are a lot of Teishoku in the menu. The price is very reasonable in Tokyo. The restaurants exist in big towns or cities. Almost Teishoku are about 800 Yen. There are the photos of all Teishoku in the menu. We can select the food that we want to eat. The atmosphere in the restaurant is comfortable. I am satisfied with the volume of food for the price. The music in the restaurant is Jazz or relaxed music.
Sometimes I went to Ootoya alone for lunch. It is OK for one person. I am always satisfied with the Teishoku. If you want to eat Teishoku in Japan, I think Ootoya is the best restaurant.


Anonymous said...

Is teishouku prepared any special way or does it just mean "main dish"? I thought it just meant main dish plus the rice and miso and did not refer to any specific method of cooking.
Thank You


Sweet Memory said...

You are right. Teishoku is main dish with small dish, rice and miso.

Unknown said...

Ive never been to ootoya but ive been to saizeriya. Is saizeriya a teishoku-ya as well? Or just a simple western style restaurant?

Sweet Memory said...

Saizeriya is an Italian restaurant, very low price.
It is not Teishoku-ya.

Anonymous said...

I have to say I'm glad I found this blog. It's very helpful, since I'm planning to go abroad to Japan next year.

Ricky said...

Thank you for your comment! I hope you enjoy your trip in Japan next year. I really recommend to try the restaurant "Ootoya". 大戸屋