Monday, August 4, 2008

High School Baseball Games in Summer

August is very hot in Japan. And a lot of events, festivals, firework, Bon odori, are held in each region. Everyone enjoy them.
A big event, Summer high school baseball games is very attractive for us and makes some impressive dramas every year. Now it begun last Saturday at Koshien stadium in Osaka prefecture. Many Japanese get enthusiastic and cheer the high school in own hometown.
One or two high schools that got through in each prefectures are playing games in Koshien. The games are tournament. Some pro baseball players were heroes of this high school baseball games. Daisuke Matsuzaka, Boston Red Socks, was big star.
The players including their attitude are well-ordered and fresh. Every players must shave their hair. Since recent young students are so casual, we feel that high school baseball players are cool. Japanese prefer to these well-ordered attitude.
Female students, the parents of each high schools are cheering for the team in heat wave. All games are on air in TV and we can watch these games. We are be able to be touched by the games at home. The players of the defeated team can bring sand in field. This scene is so painful for audience.
Results of these games are our topic in summer. Japanese can feel the summer by watching TV.

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