Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Turists in Japan

I saw the news topics about tourists in Japan in TV. Trips is a topic every summer. A lot of Japanese have gone abroad every summer. However, they don't go this summer because the charge for flight is so expensive now. On the other hand many foreigners come to Japan as tourists. I recently see a lot of tourists in town.
Tokyo is international mega city. I think that Japanese hospitality and services are excellent at hotels or restaurants. But many tourists would be annoyed about language during trip. There are English signs at station or buildings in town. Some staffs at big department store or restaurant in hotel can communicate in English. However, almost Japanese can't speak English. We certainly study English in school for about 6 years, but we have not had a chance to communicate in English in our daily life.
I'd like to advice you for your Japanese trip. You can enjoy your trips in Japan if you ask us by simple Japanese. When we hear that other countries people speak Japanese even a little, we are so glad. We would try to do best to help you even if we can't speak English or your language. I think Japanese are kind for other people originally. We would help tourists who have interests of Japan. And we would warmly welcome you.

"Youkoso Nippon-e ! " (Welcome to Japan !)


Walter said...

Hello, Sweet Memory,
thank you for writing so many interesting posts!
I would love to go to Japan one day, so I am currently learning some Japanese. You are totally right about tourists learning foreign language.
I have found that in the countries where i have visited ( for my job mostly) that people appreciate if you make the effort to say simple phrases good day, please, sorry, thank you.
This is why I can now say thank you, order beer and ask for the bill in Dutch, french, german, english, russian, spanish and bulgarian and I can say cheers in swedish, turkish and japanese !
Keep up the posts, I love them!

Sweet Memory said...

I'm sorry for not responding sooner. I really appreciate your comments. If you have any question about Japan, please let me know. I will investigate and reply.