Friday, July 25, 2008


Do you know Ichiro, a baseball player of Measure league ? Ichiro is super hero in Japan. I'm not baseball fan, however, he is one of my favorite sports athletes.
Baseball has been very popular sports in Japan for a long time. Baseball player is the most popular occupation for Japanese boys. Now a lot of Japanese baseball players play in Major league in USA. Hideki Matsui in New York Yankees, Daisuke Matsuzaka in Boston Red Socks, etc.
Ichiro (Suzuki) is in Seattle Mariners. He is a hero in Seattle,too. His pre-swing pose or warming up is very unique.His behaviors has rhythm and are like ritual. He hits almost every game. American fans are enthused about his marvelous performances, catching a ball or throwing it to home base, the ball is as if laser beam.
I have seen his interview in TV Program. He is always calm, quiet, manly at field and also private time. He do his special training every day. I often think he is like a Samurai without saying vain things. We are so happy to hear his news. If you see his performance, you must be his fan.

These are his photos.


Unknown said...

Is Ichiro the one that comedian and idol like to imitate in many TV programme?ive seen many of these scene where they imitate someone's ways of swinging the bat but i don't know who cause im don't know much about baseball but i do know about koshien.hehe.. The power of Japanese drama :)

Sweet Memory said...

I'm sorry, I don't know the comedian.