Tuesday, July 22, 2008


There are a lot of festivals in July and August around our city and town. Bon-Odori, firework (Hanabi) , Ennichi at shrine...
Yukata is a kind of kimono for summer season. Women wear it in these festival. Yukata is popular among young girls now. A lot of Yukata is sold in department store. As other use, it is used as nightwear at Japanese inn.
Now there are a lot of variation for design of texture, simple or modern design. Also we can enjoy color variation for Yukata and Obi. (Obi is used as a belt.)
When women who have long hair wear Kimono, they do up their hair. The posture is very cute and elegant with Yukata.

Please enjoy color variation for Yukata. (This is Uniqlo's web site for Yukata. Sorry for no English explanation.)


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