Monday, July 21, 2008


Rainy season is over. Is it hot summer this year ? School is in summer vacation.
Karuizawa is one of famous summer resorts in Nagano prefecture. It takes about 1 hour by Shinkansen from Tokyo. It is a small and quite town in winter. However, in summer a lot of tourists visit there to relax or play sports. It is cool in summer, there is no sea but a lot of trees, fresh air make us happy. And rich people have own cottage or villa. Therefore, Karuizawa is famous place and resort for high society.
I'm not rich but I have visited several times. When I was a college student, I used to go playing tennis with friends or stay for relaxation at villa for rental.
There are a lot of shops around Karuizawa station. We can eat delicious food or buy souvenir. Everyone can enjoy fresh air and atmosphere.
I have heard that John Lennon loved this place and stayed in every summer. If you have a chance, I recommend you would go to relax.

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