Saturday, May 24, 2008

Kotodama - Otsukare-sama and Okage-sama

We often say that a soul (Tamashii) inhabits in the words and phrases. We call it "Kotodama"in Japanese.
There are some words of phrases that express thanks and appreciation. I show you two words, Otsukare-sama and Okage-sama.
"Otukare-sama" is used when co-workers go away from work or co-worker goes back to the office. We can say only “Otsukare-sama” to co-worker. Japanese “Tsukare” means tiredness. So we imagine the co-worker’s job will be so hard and he (she) probably must be tired after work. And we say “Otsukare-sama to the co-worker in order to express our thanks for their work. The word is very short. But it has the meaning of compassion or appreciation. It is used frequently and one of colloquial formula.
About another word, “Okage-sama” , we haven’t heard it recently in Japan. It is a greeting word and very Japanese like. I like this word. Okage in Japanese basically means the grace or help of all of things, Buddha or someone. We can say as good and bad meanings. When we have some troubles or disease and we could solve these troubles or the disease cures, we say it to someone as beginning words. Okage-sama expresses appreciation for all of things that bring the solution. I heard “Okage-sama” the other day in TV. An old farmer used this word for his abundant harvest in his interview. I have forgotten the word. I keep my mind that I live safely and happily now by the grace of all of things. It is by Okage-sama.
I want to say good "Kotodama" every day.

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