Sunday, May 25, 2008


Now almost Japanese houses are western style, the room with carpet or flooring, sit down sofa, eat foods sitting down chairs, sleep on the bed, etc. However, there is one Tatami room in almost houses. I think that it is special for Japanese people.
We can relax better in Tatami room. In case of general Tatami room, there is a low table there. We sit on the Tatami mat and eat something or talk with family. When someone visits and stay in the Tatami mat, there is a special thin cushion, Zabuton and we arrange it.
You can see the life on Tatami room in old Japanese movies, for example Yasujiro Ozu film. It is comfortable to nap without Futon on Tatami mat on holiday. The hardness of it is suitable for a nap. The line of Tatami is sometimes marked on our face at a nap. It is very funny. However, Tatami mat is a token of calm Japanese daily life.Tatami is made from rush. New tatami is especially unique and good smell. When I walk on the Tatami mat, I feel calm. There is a proverb. New Tatami and wife is better.
When you would stay in Japanese style hotel, Ryokan, you would spend the comfortable time on Tatami room.

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