Thursday, May 22, 2008

Southern All Stars

Now a lot of fans are sad to hear the news now. Southern All Stars is a very popular and super Japanese band. They declared the pause to play as a band recently.
The lead vocal, Keisuke Kuwata composed every songs and almost of them have been in the charts. We always call the band “Southern” (Japanese pronunciation is "sazan".) as abbreviated name.
“Southern” has played for 30 years and people especially love his love songs. The fans or not will have sung his songs once at Karaoke. I am one of them. He has husky voice. I like his voice. We are touched with the melody and his lyrics and our experiences overlap. His songs remind Shonan Kaigan (shore) and their various (sweet) memories for his fans. Shonan shore is one of surfing spot in Kanagawa prefecture near Tokyo . Some songs are based on this place. The fans used to go to the sea with boyfriends or girlfrend listening to sazan's songs in the car.
“Katte-ni Sindbad“ was a debut song and very sensational thirty years ago.
“ Itoshi-no Ellie” is one of the most famous song in Japan and was covered as English version by Ray Charles , “Ellie my love”.
“Tsunami” was super hit song in 2000. We are sad to not be able to hear Southern’s performance for a while, however, the songs are alive in our mind.

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Unknown said...

Tsunami!! Im shocked! I know that song but i don't know who sang it. Im not a fan of SAS but i know they're very famous. I remember listening to tsunami repeated times years ago but i dont remember exactly when and how i know this song. Is this song used as theme song in any drama? Because thats is the only logical reason i can think of how i come to know about this song.. Im glad i read your post :) (now listening to tsunami again and agian. Super nice song!!)