Saturday, May 3, 2008

Culture of Other Countries

I have enjoyed two Italian cultures, painting and film, yesterday.
Especially Tokyo have a lot of art museums, concert halls, galleries, etc. Many festivals or special exhibitions for culture of other countries are held here. We can always enjoy these events.

The National Art Center was opened last year in Roppongi. This museum is designed by a Japanese famous and international architect, Kisho Kurokawa (He was died last year.). I went there to see the exhibition of Modigliani. The museum is so modern and space is so wide and the furniture of natural materials is used. I liked it. And the exhibition was so nice. A lot of people enjoyed this exhibition.

Post card of my favorite picture

I went to Italian Film Festival 2008 in the afternoon. We can 11 Italian films for 6 days in the festival. Some Film festivals like this are often held, too. We can see almost Hollywood films anytime. Also we can frequently see popular some films of other countries in movie theater nowadays. I saw a Italian film, "Centotiodi" that my friends recommended. It was so interesting and I thought it was philosophical film. And I could know the Italian people, life and culture. (Every audiences were given a packet of dry spaghetti of Barilla. What spaghetti will I cook ?)

Anyway, Japanese people can always enjoy different cultures.

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baka said...

i'm glad that the movie take your interest! the actor's name is Raz Degan, he is from Israel. He became famous in Italy as a fashion model and actor in a small role in tv spot,then he has done some movies with little success. The director of Centochiodi choose him for his "jesus-like" face from a photobook, without even knowing who he was (Raz Degan is also famous in Italy because is the mate of a famous woman of italian television called Paola Barale).
i've seen also mostly of the other films in the festival, let me know your opinion if you'll see someone of them