Monday, May 5, 2008

Kodomono-hi (Tangono-Sekku) - Children's Day

Today is Kodomono-hi and national holiday in Japan. Kodomono-hi is traditional event for children, especially boys.

As Hina-Matsuri (March 3) the parents celebrate growth of their sons. Kabuto (Japanese helmet) is decorated in the house. And Koi-Nobori are hung out. Koi-Nobori is like flag that is shaped a carp (Koi). When Koi-Nobori wave in the blue sky, They seem to swim up a river.
As traditional custom, the parents measure son's height each year marking on the pillar. They can check their growth by the mark. There is a children's song of this custom. However, I don't know if this custom continues.

Since I am a woman, I don' t have special memories. However, I eat Japanese special sweets "Kashiwa (Oak) mochi". Mochi (rice cake) with anko (azuki beans paste) is wrapped in Oak leaf.
I enjoy eating it every year.

I hope all children will grow up healthfully in future.

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