Thursday, May 1, 2008


Now Takenoko is in season. It is eaten in some Asian countries and so delicious. Boiled Takenoko is moderately tough to eat. Takenoko Gohan (Rice) makes me feel spring. Takenoko has strong and special scum (Aku). We have to eliminate the scum before eating. However, we can buy Takenoko without scum easily at supermarkets.
Bamboo (Take) is so familiar plant in our life for long time. Taketori Monogatari is the old story that was written in the beginning of 10 century.We have used Take as furniture materials, cups, toys, skewers, musical instrument, canteen etc.
Takesumi ( Take charcoal ) has various effects for purification of the air and water, elimination of humidity or deodorant. Takesumi emits minus ions.We can often see Bamboo forest (Chikurin). Since the roots is very strong that they can break through the asphalt of the streets near the forest. I like Bamboo forest in summer. Because it is so cool in Bamboo forest and atmosphere get quite. We feel relaxed.
Bamboo grass (Sasa) is a kind of Take and has very thin branches. Sasa leaves were used as wrapping tools for food at old time. And children made a boat of leaf and they float the boat on stream or river. Sasa is essential for Panda to live. (Only a panda in Japan, Ling Ling was died for senility the day before yesterday.) We use Sasa at Tanabata day , the Star Festival. (July 7)
Anyway, take is essential plant for our life.

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