Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tsubaki - 椿

Tsubaki (Camellia) is one of Japanese typical spring flower. We can see Tsubaki at suburb very well. It is very beautiful flower.
When the flower withers, the petals don't fall down. A whole flower falls down on the ground.
Tsubaki Abura (Oil) is very famous and it is like olive. The oil is extracted from the seeds. It is good for hair. I sometimes use Tsubaki Abura and my hair glosses.


Anonymous said...

Hello! I am form Philippines. I have been interested in Tsubaki oil for a long time now. But most of japan's website are in Japanese. I want to promote this oil in my country. I hope someone can help me on my project. Thanks. My email by the way is

Unknown said...

If im not mistaken ive seen japanese shampoo product in a shop near my house and it is called tsubaki. Does this shampoo named tsubaki because they're made from camelia?

Sweet Memory said...

Yes, Shiseido "Tsubaki" shampoo is made from camelia.