Friday, April 4, 2008

Cleaning up Everest

Japanese alpinist Ken Noguchi tries to climb and clean up Everest, the highest mountain in the world, in April. He was the youngest alpinist who succeeded in climbing Everest in the world. He is well known as Japanese adventurer in Japan. He has climbed to pick up the rubbish of the Everest and Mt.Fuji several times after his achievement.
I have heard his speech about his experiences as an adventurer in a big hall. And I have read his books. He is so attractive guy. He knew big amount of the various nation’s rubbish that left, especially a lot of Japanese rubbish were thrown away after his climbing. He was shocked about decline of Japanese moral and felt shamed. And he decided to pick up. The quantity was several tons each climbing for cleaning. His activity is continuing now.
Since these activities are big projects, he needs other support to pick up. A lot of Nepalese assistants and other supporters help him. And it is perilous project every time.
To conquer high mountains is great challenge and an honor for adventurers. Only the achievement is always prominent in the news, but he unveils the fact of the other side. A lot of Japanese could know the situation of nature.
I hope he and his companies come back without any accidents.

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