Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ayu and Hicky - 2 Big Utahime (Diva)

What are these words?
If you are Japanese J-pop fan, you will know them. They are nickname of two Japanese female vocals and they are very popular among especially young ages.
Almost their songs were on hit charts. Two of them is called “Utahime” (We sometimes call female singer Utahime (Diva). Uta means song and Hime means princess in Japanese.) and are usually compared. Young popular female and male singers in the past could be idles if they were beautiful face or cute in Japan no matter they couldn't sing well. The talent as a singer was not important. The situation is changed. Almost J-pop singers are talented and these songs have originality.
New female singers debut now. However, Ayu and Hicky’s popularity is special .
Ayu, Ayumi Hamasaki is always a fashion leader among Japanese young girls. They are interested in her fashion and makeup. They want to be Ayu and copy her style. She is like a pretty doll has big eyes. Her performance on the stage is always gorgeous. She is like a princess. A lot of fans enthused her recent concert tour. She composed lyrics and her fans will sympathize her lyrics.
Hicky, Hikaru Utada debuted at 15 years old and her first album was million hit in Japan. She composes lyrics and music. Since she was born in New York, she is bilingual in Japanese and English. She have released an album in USA. Her mother was a famous Enka singer. Almost singles and albums became No.1. Some her songs are theme song for TV dramas or commercial songs. She releases new album now and sold well. One of songs in the album "Prisoner of love" is theme song of new TV drama in this spring. It will become No.1 hit.
Her songs are my taste personally. I have some her albums. I think her Japanese lyrics are very unique.

Which singers are your taste , Ayu or Hicky ?

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Unknown said...

Im definitely utada hikaru fan! Im not really into ayumi hamasaki. I love the both last friends drama and prisoner of love! :)