Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Green Young Leaves

Green young leaves (Wakaba) are sprouting in few days. It is so beautiful and I feel spring and I like seeing these trees.
April is the month to start new life in Japan. Freshmen enroll in school and recruits enter a company. When I see the green young leaves, I think they are like these young people. There is future and hope.

I heard an interview of a famous doctor who ninety-six years old, Shigeaki Hinohara. He examines his patients in hospital now and he looks very young. He writes a lot of books to live healthier. An interviewer asked him the secret of his longevity. He said that no matter how old we were, to start something new was very important and to meet and talk to young people is one of the secret. I remember that Giorgio Armani said like that.
People become older, we usually go around with friends of same ages. Also we are unwilling to start something new. We sometimes use excuse “ I’m old to start. So it is no use to learn something or start something.” I noticed that the curiosity for new thing is essential to spend our fruitful time.
I try to absorb new world like green young leaves. Recently I start to learn Yoga. It seems good for me. April is good season to start something new.


Anonymous said...

Do students start school in April? Here in Finland where I live, the first half of the school year always starts in August and the other half of the school year starts in January. Do students in Japan study during the summer time? Here the summer is always free, usually from the beginning of June to the middle of August.


Sweet Memory said...

Hi, Lili !

Yes, Japanese student start school in April. And summer vacation for kids and high school students start just now. From the end of July to August 31. September 1st is beginning of second season in school. We call it nigakki 二学期. Japanese students have a month and two weeks in summer. It is shoter than summer vacations in your country...