Thursday, April 24, 2008

Golden Week

What is golden week? It is spring holiday season for Japan. It is generally holiday from May 3 to 5. Also April 29 is a holiday. If we take vacation in weekdays of the end of April and beginning of May, we can take our long vacation.
I think Japanese work well. A week as vacation is long for Japanese. A lot of people go abroad or go back their hometown to meet parents, grandparents or friends. The cost for travel is very expensive in the holidays. Facilities of travel, airplanes, trains, buses are crammed with a lot of people and freeways are traffic jam in every golden week.
We know these trips are very hard and expensive. However, it is difficult to take our long vacation for businessmen or women in normal weekdays. We can take holiday for wedding ceremony including of honeymoon or funerals of relatives without hesitating. Almost Japanese people want to take a trip even if the cost is expensive. Also they go to amusement parks and go to hometown. Everyone wait for this holiday and spend time for own leisure every year.
In my case, my hometown is Tokyo. I don’t want to pay additional travel cost for Golden week. My plan for Golden week this year is going to movie theaters.

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