Saturday, April 26, 2008

Torch in Japan

A lot of people gathered at Nagano, one of prefectures in Japan, today. It was to see torch relay of Olympic. However, not to see. It was for their propaganda or appealing their claims for the situation of China.
Olympic is just a festival and sports event. Torch relay in each countries for Beijing Olympic bring some conflicts. Political situation and friction in that time have influenced in the past Olympic. Is the relay like that significant event ? I doubted whether it was important watching these troubles and conflicts in Nagano. The relays might be a chance for fulfillment of the phrase , "Sports has international appeal." in Olympic games.

My impression of this relay :
When I watched the scene of the relay through the TV camera of helicopter, Japanese policemen that guarded the runners was well-ordered. And this was like an event in a city of China.

Significant event in Japan : Priests of Buddhism temple, Zenko-ji, in Nagano and some Tibetans prayed for the victims of the conflicts in Tibet.

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