Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pocky and Kappaebisen

Many snacks and chocolate are sold in Japan. Pocky and Kappaebisen are the snacks name and they are very good seller about for 40 years.
Pocky is chocolate snake that is made by Japanese maker, Glico and Kappaebisen is fried snakes like potato chips that is made by Calbee (They are very big company.) Pocky and Kappaebisen are standard snacks in Japan and almost know them.
When I was child, these products were popular and two are very popular now, too.

Standard Pocky

Special version Pocky (Coconut and Brazilian Pydding) in season

Pocky has a lot of variations. Various special versions by each season or projects have been released.
I sometimes buy special versions and enjoy various tastes.

Standard Kappaebisen
Kappaebisen has a theme song and it has been standard. Almost Japanese have heard this melody in TV commercial. The phrase is “Yamerarenai Tomaranai, Kappaebisen” This means that we can’t stop eating Kappaebisen. Actually I can't stop eating it after I put a piece of Kappaebisen into my mouth once.
If you open this site, you can hear this melody without Japanese phrase.

Do you have these long selling snacks in your country ?


Milla said...

Love love love Pocky!!!

Sweet Memory said...

Thank you for your message !
I hope you will enjoy my blog.

Harriet said...

Thank you for explaing about Kappaebisen. I was given a note from by a boy which said:

'yamerarenai tomaranai
kimi wa boku no kappaebisen'

and I was thinking 'dou iu imi?' but now I know! (^_^)

Sweet Memory said...

Thank you for reading this subject and your comment! I want everyone know about real Japanese life. If you live in Japan. please enjoy your life here and continue reading my blog.

scones said...

It is a little late but I love pocky! I am so grateful to my wife's friend. She spoils me with pocky and a lot of other delicious japanese snacks from Japan in Germany.

Sweet Memory said...

Thank you for your first message. I'm surprised that you know Japanese snacks well. You have attached a lot of photos of these snacks on your blog. I'm sorry that I can't understand German.

I hope you enjoy these delicious Japanese snacks.