Thursday, February 7, 2008

Food Crisis

Japanese food culture is threatened with imported agricultural products or processed foods. It now is a very serious problem in Japan. Recently two agricultural chemicals were found in frozen dumplings. It is a big topic in Japan. A lot of people who ate those dumplings are victims. Some people are seriously sick now. Cause is currently unknown and we are investigating.
A lot of frozen products that are sold in supermarket are made in China, therefore they are produced in Chinese factory and imported in Japan. Because production costs, mainly personal costs in China are very cheap.
The problem is depending on other countries for our food; vegetables, fruits or processed food. The rate of self-sufficiency in Japan is very low. Japanese farmers are decreasing and rural young people come to urban center. It is a problem.
I have mentioned that “Japanese food culture is excellent “ several times in my blog. However, I think this situation is very shameful for Japanese people. We have to produce our own food and current situation about contaminated dumplings is a chance to think about Japanese agriculture and our food culture. It might be our last warning.

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