Sunday, February 10, 2008

Chocolate Battle

Plenty of ladies are flooded in chocolate shops around St. Valentine day ( I think that this is conspiracy of Japanese chocolate makers.)
The day is that women give chocolate box to boyfriend to confess their love in Japan. However, custom of St. Valentine day was changing some decades ago.
Working women gave some co-workers in their belonged section. Of course, they had no affection for co-workers. It is like an appreciated feeling for them. We call the chocolate “Giri - Choco”. “Giri”(義理) in Japanese means duty or obligation. Women have bought a lot of cheap chocolates for them.
Now the trend is changing again. A lot of women buy for themselves. However, the custom for giving to boyfriends is unchangeable anytime. Many special chocolate shops, not only Japanese makers but French, Italy, or Belgian famous makers and shops of famous chocolatairs are opened around only St. Valentain day. Many girls and women crowd in front of chowcases. Especially famous chocolates are so expensive. It isn’t price for a piece of chocolate. But it is true that there are a lot of kinds of delicious and high quality chocolates that we can’t buy as usual. (I love chocolates !)
So the shops frame a plan to attract women. They will buy sweet chocolates thinking someone this week. ( It might be themselves.) This is as if chocolate battle.

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