Thursday, February 14, 2008


Why is this title “Mac”? You might think Mac is not Japanese company. Yes, It is American computer company as you know. Recently Japanese young people have i-pod series. I see a lot of people who are listning to the music by I- pod in town. I have I-pod Nano, too.
The style of these products is just Japanese taste. Japanese makers, SONY, CANNON, SHARP etc. have manufactured a lot of merchantable products until now. The features are very small size, light, simple design, high quality and technology. These concepts of Japanese makers were reasons to fascinate customers and make a hit with other countries people. Electric industry is one of symbol of our technology. However, I-Pod series are popular among Japanese people so far. And they will be a kind of threat for Japanese electric company.
Now I have an interested TV commercial and frequently see it in TV. This is updated Mac’s note PC, Macbook Air. The thickness is very thin. I thought it was SONY’s commercial at first. Also I thought instinctively Japanese people liked this PC.
I recently went to Apple Store in Ginza, a town in Tokyo. A lot of people were there as my expected and tried to touch keyboards. This Macbook Air will be popular in Japan in near future.
But, Japanese makers can’t accept the situation with their arms folded. They will innovate and generate new products considering Japanese nationality. I hope…..

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