Sunday, February 3, 2008


It snowes in Tokyo.
Today is Setsubun that we do a ritual for sweeping demon and wishing our health. We scatter dry soyneans inside and outside our house shouting two phrases. I explain basic ritual. When we scatter beans outside, we say "Oni-wa Soto" twice. When we scatter them inside, we say 'Fuku-wa Uchi" once and we throw them into the room.
Oni-wa Soto means our wish that demon would desappear and Fuku-wa Uchi means another wish that happiness would be coming to our house in the future.
We do same ritual in each rooms. Sometimes one man dresses up with mask as a Japanese demon "Oni" and we hit them against Oni. We call this ritual "Mame-maki" (Scattering dry beans) in Japanese. There is a custom that we eat scattered same number of beans of our age after Mame-maki.
The children's voices, " Oni-wa Soto " and "Fuku-wa Uchi" will reverberate through the snow this year.

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