Sunday, January 13, 2008

Two part of Japan - East and West

We often divide 2 parts in Japan, east and west. We call east "Kanto" and west "Kansai".Center of Kanto is Tokyo and of Kansai is Osaka.
Each customs or cultures are quiet different. food culture is especially different. Dialect of Osaka is unique. ( There are a lot of dialects or food cultures in each area and each prefectures.) Osaka is especially known as commercial city. Osaka has special food cultures. Okonomi-yaki, Tako-yaki or Kushi- katu etc.
There is a comedy culture in Osaka. A comedy agent, Yoshimoto Kogyo is very famous and many popular comedians belongs to this agent. We can see them in TV every day. They have some TV comedy programs and are around as actors or MC, too.
There is a comedy culture in Tokyo ,too. Takeshi Kitano is one of these comedians in Tokyo. He is famous as a movie director abroad. However, he is known better as a comedian than a movie director for Japanese.

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Anonymous said...

Do people from the east and west still understand each other? I mean that if the dialect is very different, is it difficult to understand what the other person is saying?