Saturday, January 12, 2008


There are several times to go to shrine in a year for us. New year, when we have a wish, after giving a birth or Shichi-Go-San etc….

Examination to enroll school, university or high school is coming in Japan. Almost students are studying hard now for the enrollment. They do only invoke after studying hard and trying to do their best. To invoke is called “Kamidanomi” in Japanese.

There is a shrine that is especially known for study spirit, Yushima Tenjin near my office. I saw a lot of young people and adults who seem their parents or grandparents. A charm (Omamori) is one of important item for the candidates. And they buy it. Now many Emas are suspended on the shell. Ema is a wooden board and horse or an animal of Eto this year, mouse is drawn the surface of it. The wish of the student is written on the reverse of it. Shinto priest prays for Emas in order to get their wishes.
Now Japanese apricots (Ume) begin to bloom. The early spring is near in Japan. (Tokyo is recently very warm in spite of winter. It seems to be so strange. )

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