Friday, January 11, 2008

Meaning of Working

I saw TV documentary program of a Japanese Sushi Chef, is 82 years old. His Sushi restaurant was given 3 stars from Michelin last year. He has worked at his own restaurant as a chef until now.
Since his family was so poor, he had to leave his home. He lived in a high-class Japanese style restaurant and begun to work at 7 years old to survive. He always tries to do best in order to cook more delicious Sushi even now.
He said “I think working is so hard for anybody. However, I could not help his working when I was young. I had no place that he escape and I didn’t have other choices except working. Now my job is still hard, too.”However, he looks so young than his own age. Moreover he looks proud and joyful.
Hikikomori is a social problem in Japan now. Hikikomori means especially young people shut in own room without working and their parents support their sons or daughters. They shut out outer world and watch TV, play computer games or read Manga in the room. Our wealthy life generates situation like Hikikomori. This issue is deplorable for Japanese. Japanese must think what for we work and how we live in the future.

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moknlkjl said...

I remember watching this a couple weeks ago. The documentary is called "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" for those who want to check it out. It was very enlightening, and the sight of someone who takes such pride in his craft is truly inspiring.