Monday, January 7, 2008

Kagami-mochi - a rice cake offering

Rice cake is one of the essential food to introduce Japanese food.Kagami-mochi is an offering for Oshogatsu (New Year) . We offer Kagami-Mochi until January 11. Mochi means rice cake.
As traditional ceremony we made rice cake for Oshogatsu at a yard in each houses. This is Mochi-tsuki. Kagami-mochi was handmade some decades ago. Mochi-tsuki will be done at countryside. However, I can't seldom see Mochi-tsuki in urban city like Tokyo. We can buy it at supermarket easily.
We eat Kagami-mochi as Oshiruko (Red bean soup) or baked rice cake after January 11. Mochi has a lot of kinds for food, as Zoni (rice cake soup) or deserts.
I love Mochi. I want to introduce how to eat Mochi to all over the world.

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