Monday, January 14, 2008

20 Years Old Ceremony (Seijin Shiki)

Monday of the second week in January is a day of 20 years old ceremony. A person who is 20 years old is an adult legally in Japan. A ceremony is held at this day. The city organizes this ceremony for the people who live in the city and celebrates them. Mayor or some people usually give a speech for them in the ceremony and listen to it very quietly. And they are given a memorial.
The young 20 years old people almost wear Kimono on this special day. We, adults feel freshness when we see them. And we hope they play their parts in our society.
On the other hand, young people go to a party with their friends, drink alcohol and make a racket after the ceremony, Seijin Shiki.
Actually I didn’t think and understand what is an adult or how I behave as an adult when I was 20 years old. However, we might change our mind and awake as an adult by this event. I think that Seijin Shiki is an opportunity to know our responsibility for Japanese.

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