Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Kotatsu is a Japanese traditional electrical appliance for winter. I love it.
Kotatsu can’t heat whole room. It is a table and covered with large quilt or thin blanket. It is installed an electric heater under the table. We sit on the floor and put in our legs. Inside of Kotatsu is warm and very comfortable. In old Japanese style house, another Kotatu is used. This is “Hori-Gotatsu”. The floor under the table is dug and we can sit like on a chair.
It is useful for Japanese as a heater, because Japanese house is tiny and Japanese is small compared to Western people. I think Kotatsu is symbol for family ties. Family gathers around Kotatsu in order to talk about their daily life. And they eat Japanese small orange “Mican” or watch TV. Since each one is very close, we feel affinity and can take good communication with each member.


Anonymous said...

This is so interesting! I have seen pictures of Kotatsus in mangas and I always wondered what they were. I thought it was odd that people would fall asleep under a table, but now I understand better. :) Thank you so much for sharing this information!


Sweet Memory said...

I'm aorry for not replying soon.

I'm glad you could know about Kotatsu. It is necessary for Japanese winter.
It is so usuful to be able to feel warm very soon.