Monday, December 24, 2007


Yutampo is very useful and good tool for environment issue.It is foot warmer that is made by tin or plastic, when we sleep in cold winter.

The shape is ellipse.We put hot water in the Yutampo. After that it is put in cloths bag. Since we put Yutampo under the blanket before bedtime, the mat of bed (Futon) becomes warm.We can feel comfortable warmth and sleep well until morning.

Yutampo don't consume electricity. Therefore it is very convenient and effective for environment issue.I have used electrical blanket . However, it is unhealthy because our body becomes dry.Although Yutampo is old and simple tool, Yutampo is marvellous for our body and the earth.

Now many Yutampos are sold well this year. Especially it is popular for women and comes into fashion.I have used it for about 20 years. I can sleep well during winter for Yutampo.

I'd like to introduce Yutampo for everybody in the world.

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