Saturday, December 29, 2007

Osouji - Cleanup

What are you doing in the end of the year ? In Japan we almost clean up (Osouji) my house before new year.Souji as Japanese means cleanup.There is a traditional custom that priest cleans up Shrine or Temple around there on December 13. This event, "Susuharai", is for greeting gods in new year and cleaning up dust of whole year.
Cleanup is most important thing to do in the end of year in our house.Osouji is a traditional event for Japanese people,too.Since we eliminate dust that accumulates for one year, we can feel refresh. Because the end of the year in Japan is very cold , Osouji is a hard work.However, Osouji is an event to draw a line between this year and next year for me.We wait for only happy new year after Osouji.

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