Sunday, November 11, 2007

Waiting for a long time

Japanese have an interest so much for eating delicious food. Sometimes a lot of people stand in line in front of a restaurant. This is a sight that we often see in town. Generally these are reputable restaurants. The people wait for a long time patiently to eat the reputed food. They will sometimes wait for even one hour.
I went to new doughnut shop in Tokyo and was surprised at the long line. A staff stands handing a board and saying “Here is the last line ” The line was like a long line to wait for an attraction in Disney Land. And he shouted, “ If you stand here, you would wait for 1 hour.” I was surprise again. Do the people really wait such for a long time?
However, this scene isn’t unusual in Japan. Are Japanese people patient? I think so.
Regarding an interest for food, we seem to be able to be patient and have always an inquiring mind for delicious food.
Though I don’t think that this is a good case, patience is a virtue for us and waiting for a long time doesn’t bother us.
I think that patience is one of symbolic Japanese nationality.

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