Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ghoza - Dumpling

We, Japanese like Chinese food. And we are good at arranging the food for our taste.
There is a lot of food like this. Gyoza is one of them and very popular dish.
Boiled or Steamed dumpling is generally eaten in China. In Japan fried Gyoza is mainly eaten and this is original style. And we eat Gyoza with rice. This seems to be strange for Chinese people because Gyoza is considered as staple diet. However, It is considered as main dish in Japan.
Gyoza and rice is standard and best combination for Japanese. (Sometimes with a glass of beer)
I love Gyoza. I recommend your eating the Japanese fried Gyoza in Japan.

I remember an American film, “Fisher King”. A scene that a woman eats dumplings is so funny. I’d like you to see it if you have a chance. “Fisher King” is one of my favorite movies.

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