Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bushi-ni Nigon-nashi”

There is a phrase in Japan. “Bushi-ni Nigon-nashi” This means Bushi (Samurai) must not withdraw what he has said once. In Japan withdrawing a decision or promise that is said once was shameful as a Samurai (a man). This was manly attitude. I thought this phrase is alive in our country now.
However, my idea might be wrong. A Japanese leader of the opposition party retracted his resignation yesterday. I can’t believe that our representative politician withdraws his decision soon. I assure that people’s reliance on him will be clearly lost.
Though the case depends on the situation, the phrase is important about serious decision or promise like this case for human being. Japanese think that careless attitude is disgraceful. We should say our serious decision cautiously.
We are forgetting our good and old Japanese spirit now.

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