Tuesday, November 6, 2007


There are a lot of department stores in Tokyo. Food is usually sold downstairs at department store in Japan. This food shops is called Depa-chika” in Japanese. “Depa” means department store and “Chika” means downstairs in Japanese. (Japanese like abbreviation.)
Now this place “Depa-Chika” is amazing place and very popular.
Anyway we can buy everything. Display of food is so beautiful and a lot of kinds of food are sold. For example, there are the shops that sell food by weight, grilled fish, hamburger, salad, Chinese food, pasta, Vietnamese noodle etc. Or lunch boxes, many type of cakes, cookies, tea leaves, bread are sold. Tasting is OK in a department store, Isetan at Shinjuku. Depa-Chika is full of a lot of customers, especially in evening after work or weekend. We can eat and taste delicious food. Sales of food is important for each department stores.

If you visit Tokyo, it is worth while going to a wonderland.

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