Wednesday, November 14, 2007

100 Yen Shop

There are many shops that called “100 yen shop” in Tokyo. All products cost 100 Yen. Various types of products are sold there. Stationary, daily necessaries, cosmetics, food, etc. We can buy anything at the shop. The cost is very cheep and quality isn’t bad. 100 yen shop is a wonderland for general public. Certainly they are almost made in China. If you don’t care the makers or tastes, we can get them cheaply.
I like shopping there and always buy 5 or 6 items at one time.
This is the aim for 100 yen shop. We put some items into the cart unconsciously because of the cheap cost.
On the other hand I feel apprehensive for convenience. It is losing the spirit for cherishing the goods because we can buy easily. Present consume society is a problem for ecology.

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Unknown said...

I love 100 yen shop! There are Daiso in my country too. Recently opened. But i love daiso in Japan more because of more choices. I love 100 yen shop in a place 2 station before takao..hehe. I totally forgot the place name :)