Wednesday, September 5, 2007

"Wa" 和 - Harmony and Consideration 

We respect "Wa" for our relationship with friend , family or co-workers ,etc. There are a lot of meanings in "Wa" . This meaning is harmony and consideration. We tend to think much of others, not individual.When we do something , we think how comfortable everyone spend in same space at first. Cooperating is first priority.
We often say this phrase."Feel of perceive air or atmosphere." This means we had better understand the feeling of others or situation around us. It is efficient way to keep good relationship by imagining how other people are thinking now even if they don't tell us. The concept "Wa" is very important to associate with other people for us.
I personally assume that the typical Japanese culture is excellent . However, we might forget "Wa" recently. It is sad that people who think of only themselves is increasing.

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