Monday, September 3, 2007

Miso (Soy bean paste)

Everyone knows soy sauce is one of Japanese famous seasoning.As well as soy sauce ,we use it for cooking and it is important taste.It is said that there are 5 basic seasonings in Japan .Sugar, Salt ,Vinegar, Soy sauce and Miso.Miso is made from fermented soybeans and there are a lot of kinds.We eat fermented food frequently except miso.
Almost people eats miso soup everyday. ( This traditional custom might change in Japanese homes recently.) I eat everyday at least. It is basically OK to put any vegetables in the miso soup.Typical ingredients are tofu ,Japanese radish or soft seaweed.It is so healthy food (No oil)
Instant miso soup is bought in food market. I sometimes bring it when I go to abroad for a long time. Because I miss Japanese food. It is convenient to cook. We can make miso soup easily after pouring in hot water.I can get energy after I eat miso soup and I realize I'm Japanese.

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