Sunday, September 2, 2007


Rice is very important and a source of power for Japanese . Rice gives us energy. I especially love rice and ate it everyday. I might say that I don't need anything if there are rice and miso-soup.
Autumn is a season that plants ripen. The taste of rice is a topic every year. Recently rice that isn't refined "Genmai " is popular for healthy food . (Normaly, we eat white refined rice.)
However, It is said that the people, especially young , who doesn't eat is increasing now . This situation is very sad for me.
But rice is basis in our body.


Unknown said...

Does the genmai taste different from the usual rice? How about now (2012) do most japanese still prefer genmai compared to refined white rice?

Sweet Memory said...

The taste is different from usual rice a little. a little aromatic, I don't know how I explain the taste. And hardness is different. Genmai is harder than rice.

Now I often hear "hatsuga genmai" 発芽玄米 (Sprouted Brown Rice). It is easier than brown rice to cook and it is healthy food.