Saturday, September 8, 2007

Shrine & Temple

Our spirit is mainly based on Shinto and Buddhism.Shrine is architecture for Shinto and Temple is one for Buddhism.We worship nature for Shinto.
There are a lot of shrines and temples in Japan .Especially , 1 or 2 shrines are located at each city for the genius of the local area.
A festival is held at the time of "Bon" that it is said ancestors come home in summer for Buddhism.I used to go to summer night festival "En nichi" when I was child.Everyone enjoy traditional dance (Bon Odori) , play game or eat at the stands in temple.Some girls wear colorful "Yukata" ("Yukata is a kind of traditional Japanese wear for summer like kimono.)
Many traditional customs live in our life and is come down.
(The picture below is a shrine.)

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