Sunday, September 8, 2013

Two Big Topics

Recently we heard two big topics about Japan. One is that Japanese animation director Hayao Miyazaki retired.

Another is Tokyo won the competition for Olympic game in 2020.

We are so sad for his retirement. A lot of children and even adults are big fan for his animation film. We enjoy the story and are touched his message for our life, sometimes warning about egoism of human nature for nature.  His delicate and beautiful pictures always give an impact to our heart. 

We hope being the host country of Olympic game leads to economic effect  for Japan. I am glad to see a lot of games in our hometown Tokyo ! Foreign people were worried about nuclear problem in Fukushima. However I live in Tokyo and we are safe. It is no problem. (I am worried about big earthquake.)

I think two topics are symbolic for our present society. Nature and economy are very important for our life. We must not forget that we can live thanks to nature. And we feel happy economically and emotionally.     

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