Sunday, September 15, 2013

風立ちぬ The Wind Rise

I saw a film of Hayao Miyazaki. 風立ちぬ "The Wind Rise" last week. This is last film that he produce. All character in his film are single-minded. Japanese that the characters speak in it is so polite and beautiful. There are people who criticize this film. However, I like it simply as a story of  an architect of airplane. He loves airplane and his dream is flying in the air. This period that he lived is during hostilities.

Also I enjoy a love story. I sniffled. Young couple are so pure and single-minded.

The song in ending is ひこうき雲 (hikoukigumo) "contrail" The singer is 松任谷由実 Yumi Matsutoya. and  superstar in J-pop for a long time. We call her Yuming ユーミン She makes a lot of albums and hit songs in Japan. She sings in Stagio Ghibli's film,  魔女の宅急便 "やさしさに包まれたなら" Yasashisani Tsutsumaretanara    Her lyric is especially great and emotional. I love a lot of her songs. If you learn Japanese, her lyrics is so beautiful and might be useful for learning Japanese. 

I hope you can see this film in your country near future in the theater.



Milady said...

thank you for posting this. I hope we can get to see it over here! and thanks for telling us the songs too. I will look them up!

Ricky said...

I don't know where you live, however, I hope you can see it soon...