Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Parade in Ginza

We were cheering Japanese athletes in Olympic game in London. And we were given impression and great power for plays and performances.

Five hundred thousand people gathered and celebrated the medalists.

A lot of medals got in this Olympic games. Wrestling, swimming races, female Football and volleyball, female table tennis team, male gymnastics, Judo, fencing, archery, etc...

Now sense of stagnation spreads in Japanese society. There are a lot of problems for energy, diplomacy and economy.  However, when we saw impressed performance and single-minded plays , we were encouraged.  No matter how the situation is bad, we have to do one's best in present situation.  And I was impressed by sportsmanship. The result is all and they can't excuse.

I was given a lot of energy and encourage in this Olympic game.    


dtedac said...

Sweet Memory,
I enjoyed the Olympics and was very happy to see Japan's performance. Congratulations to all the athletes.


Sweet Memory said...

This Olympics was so exciting!

Are my expressions in English correct? If they ara funny, please correct my English anytime.

Thank you!