Thursday, August 23, 2012

Natsubate 夏ばて

It has been hot in Japan. We say Supper hot summer "mousho" 猛暑 This summer is "mousho".

We sometimes ask my friends in summer. "Natsubate 夏ばて shiteru ?" Natsubate means weariness from the heat in summer. And Losting our appetite because of the summer heat and "natsubate"is often used as same meaning.

When we have lost our appetite in summer, we eat light meal or foods that supply energy for us.
Representative light meal is cold Japanese noodle,  Soba or Somen. It is so simple to eat. It is eaten with "Mentsuyu" 麺つゆJapanese soup base. 
Eel (Unagi  うなぎ)  is representative food that supplys energy in summer.  I like both. 
I have good appetite anytime. However, I sometimes lost my appetite in hot summer like this year. 

I have necessary foods in hot summer. They are Edamame 枝豆 (boiled green soy-beans) and Suika すいか(watermelon) And it is important to supply water and salt content in order to suffer heatstroke. 

What do you eat to keep our energy and prevent natsubate in your countries?  


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melon and watermelon!

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I guess we got used to Natsubate in Philippines. hehe