Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Good News - Nadeshiko Japan

Rainy season was over earlier than usual year in Tokyo. Hot summer begun. Since Tohoku big earthquake occurred, we have to save electricity. There is difference this summer. We can know forecast for electric consumption in town or on TV news. And we can predict everyday when a lot of electricity is used and we have to save. But it is too hot to use air conditioner. It must be so hard to spend summer for us. I realize again that electricity is necessary for us to live.
Although we have had a lot of problems since big earthquake on 3.11, we can hear good sports news.
Now women’s soccer world cup is held in Germany. Contract with men’s national team, Japanese women national team is not well-known among ordinary people. The games weren’t on air by public broadcasts. However, according to FIFA world ranking, Japanese national team is fourth. It is so strong. We call it “Nadeshiko Japan”. “Samurai Blue” is the nickname of men’s national team. Nadeshiko なでしこ means a name of flower, Dianthus.

"Nadeshiko Japan" defeated German team at quarterfinal last week. We were so grad to hear about news. Next game is semifinal and opponent is Sweden team. If Nadeshiko Japan becomes No1, we will be happy and encouraged.


dtedac said...

Sweet Memory,
I have been supporting Nadeshiko Nippon throughout the tournament. Every time that they were in a difficult position, they came through. I just watched the Final. The US was very strong, but Japan won.

I think that the play of Kumagai Saki-san was an example of the strength of Japan. I remember that in the first game or two, she wore a bandage on her head from an injury. She never stopped and did not hold anything back. It is appropriate that she kicked the winning penalty kick.

Congratulations to Japan. I hope you enjoy the victory!


Sweet Memory said...

Hello, David. Thank you for your message! We are so happy!

Anyway American team is so strong and we think that our victory was lucky. It was exciting and fair game. Japanese player's inner strength at PK might be better.
I saw American supporters in NY at TV news. Each supporters praised our team. I was so impressed.
Japanese people learned that it is important not to give up after watching this game.

Today is so happy day for us.

rick a said...

Dear Sweet memory,
I would like to add my sentiments to those of David regarding Nadeshiko Japan. The selfless determination of the team is so heartwarming and remarkable, and an example to everyone about how to live, and how to compete. I will be supporting this team as the Olympics approach.

Sweet Memory said...

Hello, Rick.
This is your first comment, isn't it? Thank you for your message.

I think tt is not easy to get gold medal in London Olympic. However, we believe Nadeshiko Japan win and get medals.