Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hydrangea あじさい

Many beautiful , pink, blue, white or violet hydrangeas あじさい (ajisai) blooms in Japan. It is typical flower of our rainy season.


dtedac said...


Ajisai are beautiful flowers. Where my ancestors come from (Azores Islands - アゾレス諸島 azoresu shotou) the islands are full of hydrangeas, especially at this time of year. They grow wild along the roads.

I also have a question please. Have you heard of kuko no mi (クコの実)? I just ate a Jell-O gelatin dessert with goji in it. In English we call the berry Goji, which is from the Chinese Gou3-qi3. They say that it is healthy for you. Arigatou!

Sweet Memory said...

Hello, David

I have never known Azores Islands. I looked it up on a map. This area is far from Japan, isn't it? Hydrangea is very familiar flower for us. So I'm glad to hear a lot of hydrangea bloom in your ancestor's islands. I want to go there and see them.

I know クコの実(Kuko no mi). I heard it has good elements for our health or longevity. It is used for ingredients of foods based on traditional chinese medicine, I think. Its leaves are used for decocted tea. I heard Kuko tea(茶)is good for our health.
I have eaten it as chinese dessert. However, we don't eat it in daily life.