Sunday, June 7, 2009

2010 World Cup

Japanese soccer team won Uzbekistan yesterday and qualified for 2010 World Cup.
It is good news for us.

Soccer becomes popular in Japan and soccer player is one of occupations that Japanese boys want to be. (I think baseball is No.1, sports.)
Japanese team was weak about 2 decades ago. Japanese league (J league) set up in 1993. A lot of famous foreign soccer players who retired from Brazil, England or German joined the teams in J League. Zico or Gary Lineker, Pierre Littbarski are some of them. First participation of our team is in 1998 France World Cup.
Next World Cup was held in Japan and Korea. We enthused about all of games.

Some pro Japanese soccer players play at Europe now. The skill of Japanese soccer players is certainly improved. A midfielder, Shunsuke Nakamura who is called "Fantasista" is the most famous in Japan.

I like to watch soccer games in TV. And World Cup is special like Olimpic Game. I look forward to watch good games of Japanese team in 2010.

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