Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Peko Chan

This is a character of a candy company, Fujiya. The character's name is Peko-chan. It is very famous character and has been loved by many Japanese children. This milk taste candy, Milky, is long-time seller. When I was a child, I love it. Peko chan is drawn on packages of some Fujiya's products.

Fujiya runs restaurant or cake shop. Peko-chan always stands in front of the cake shops. It is so cute. She changes her cloth in every season or events. For example, she wears Kimono in new year season.

I bought Milky yesterday. I sometimes want to eat it.

*She has a friend. His name is Poko chan. I found website of Peko chan and attach it. (It has no English.)

Peko World


Anonymous said...


Hello, my name is Jonathan Scott. I am an artist living in Shikoku. I recently received many Mini Mini Museum collection figures from a friend, so I turned them into a chess/shogi set. You can see it at the above link. You can also see it in a video on my Facebook fan page. Please go to Facebook and search for Jonathan Songe Scott. I posted the video of it on April 19, 2012.

Sweet Memory said...

Hello, Jonathan. Thank you for your information. Mini Mini Museum collection figures are so cute!
Peco-chan is popular character in Japan.
And Kouno Bijutsukan is located in Imabari City? I love Imabari towel. I visited Kagawa prefecture in Shikoku last year. Shikoku is beautiful place.