Sunday, March 15, 2009

We Love Singing

I want to write about singing again.

I think Japanese people like to sing. We invented Karaoke and almost people have sung once in Karaoke Box or Bar. We can enjoy singing or with friends and hearing other people's song. When we sing with microphone, we feel happy as if we would become a singer. And going to Karaoke is one of communication with our friends in our society.
I like singing, too. However, I also like to know a lot of songs that I don't know by other people's song.

There is a TV live program, NHK "Nodo jiman" , on Sunday noon. It is a show that normal people sing on stage. If he or she can sing well and pass, a lot of chimes of bell ring.
If it fails, one or two chimes ring. The location changes every Sunday. Various generations can participate if they can pass the audition of the show. They seems so satisfied. This program has been on air for a long time. It is peaceful and enjoyable.

Singing with loud voice might be one of good way to relax and forget our depressed feeling.
Nodo Jiman sometimes is held at other countries. If it will be held at your country, you will be able to participate an audition.

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